Sunday, November 1, 2009

Episode 2, Season 1

It's been an odd time. 14 days into taking LDN and MS is really reminding me who's boss. My left foot and lower leg are all but useless and I am so, so exhausted (or tired, fatigued, knackered, whacked, drained - however you want to put it).

But this is all about LDN. Let's be honest, it's been 14 days so it's too early to say. Earlier this week, my core balance seemed to have improved so much so, I could stand and walk without having to use furniture and/or the crutches (yes, I could 'walk' across the lounge floor without falling over). Could this be put down to LDN, the high dosage of vitamin D I now take or having spent the weekend in a wheelchair and completely relaxed away from home? Or a combination of all these, or a complete coincidence?

Suffice to say, that's history as my ability to walk has now taken a nose dive beyond what I had before. I hate getting better as it's always (and I do mean always) followed by getting worse. Oh what a tease MS is.

Putting my positive head on, improvement happened once so it can happen again. I'm not one for miracles but if someone out there has a solution we can wrap up as a miracle, just let me know.

So, 14 days into LDN and there's nothing to report yet. Fingers crossed.

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